Step up and parent. Manners are important.

Foundation of all interactions – Manners

We’ve all been out at a nice restaurant (I’m not talking about McDonalds) and the children at the next table are throwing food, speaking loudly, getting up and down, even climbing onto the table.

You look around and see other people trying to enjoy their meals. They quietly glance at the unruly table, trying to give the parents ‘the hint’ and if their eyes meet yours they give you the ‘eye roll’.

I had small children once and I understand the importance of taking your children out and teaching them manners. I certainly wouldn’t exclude my children from an event or meal BUT you can’t sit there oblivious to the havoc your little darlings are causing.

Recently, a family was thrown out of Applebee’s because their child was too loud. I’m not sure that I agree with that action but luckily enough I wasn’t there.

Step up and parent. Manners are important.

Please, share your thoughts and experiences. I would love to hear from you. What do you do when you encounter this type of behavior?

Sock heaven


For me, the two main area’s that make a big difference with the smooth running of my home is the Kitchen and Laundry. If these two area’s are dirty and unorganized, it doesn’t matter how clean the rest of my house is, it still looks like a bomb hit. 
First cab of the rank is my laundry followed by the kitchen. 

let’s talk socks. 

Safety Pins ~
I have a small clear container for safety pins in my laundry.

I would like to say I have trained my children (and husband) to pin their dirty socks together at the ankles when they take them off. However, this is not the case, I’m lucky if they reach the hamper in the bathroom. Usually, I find dirty socks flung onto the bathroom floor, behind the bathroom door and my favorite in the bath tub.

When I finished playing ‘find the socks’ I pin them together.
This takes a minimal amount of effort for a huge payoff!
I know it sounds funny to say it’s a payoff but I’ve been a housewife for over 20years and have lost countless socks. I was fed up with the all too familiar sound of “mom! Have you seen my other sock”? 



If I’m having ‘one of those days’ and I’m sure you all can relate, then I have another system in place. Next to my washing machine I have my work bench, this is where all the folding gets done. Just abovemy work bench is a large cork board with tacks, I tack the odd socks to the board, when their mate floats by I can see clearly they are a pair and bam! I feel like a laundry superhero. Well, not really but at least it’s one less sock that slipped into sock heaven.